My First Curtains! Sanderson Dandelion Clocks

I have wanted to know how to make a good set of curtains for a long time and have been planning to teach myself. However, my lovely friend who runs a bespoke soft furnishings store in Edinburgh said that she would teach me. I am so grateful as she has taught me so many skills I would have never learned had I tried to do them myself, including how to properly measure a window!

Once measured up, the fabric was ordered and she taught me about positioning the pattern correctly and ensuring that all of the curtains matched! Luckily, I was allowed to use my friend’s cutting table as I haven’t got a space large enough in my house.


After cutting we hemmed the main fabric, turning up a double 3 inch hem and hand stitching it. We then cut the blackout lining machine stitched a double 2 inch hem. I was a bit annoyed about my stitching on this as the machine tension must have been a bit out as the stitches were all different sizes. I didn’t want to unpick it though as it would leave holes in the blackout lining and allow light to seep through. I’ll just have to live with the irritation! Following the hemming, we positioned the blackout lining on the main fabric and folded the sides of the curtains in to cover all raw edges. This was all hand stitched too.


We added the header tape and pressed the final curtains ready to hang in my craft room! I completely loved the process of making these curtains and I’m even happier to see them hung up! I’ve got another set to make for the second window but here we are with the first window!

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