1970s Crochet Bag

I’ve really enjoyed looking at 1970s crochet patterns. Some are hilarious and some are just gorgeous. I really love accessories and more sedate clothing (count me out of head to toe crochet jumpsuits).

I decided to make a crochet bag out of some aran wool I had recently bought. I’m really loving mustard at the moment so I started with that and made myself a granny square bag. I made a lining from a vintage bedspread I bought years ago.

DSCF1939 DSCF1935

I made 3 strands of chain and slip stitch which were plaited together to make the handle. All in all I’m pleased with my new bag, I may even go as far as to add some tassels to the bottom, or make a second bag with those details. Who knows?!



Vintage Shift Dress

I loved my Simplicity Shift Dress so much I decided to whip up another shift. I modified this one slightly, I used bias binding rather than neck and armhole facings and opted out of the seam down the front as it irritated me that the pattern didn’t match.


I loved the bow on the other dress I made but I decided to keep this one plain as the pattern of the fabric was so lovely I wanted that to be the main event! Speaking of the fabric, I got this vintage sheet on a shopping trip in Manchester last year and although I can’t remember the cost, I do remember thinking it was a total bargain! I’ve got a load left too which I might knock up into a sweet summery Sorbetto!

15695944714_866014a93e_o 16292428236_e21ea19496_o

Bridesmaid Dresses

I’m getting married this year (YAY!). We both decided early on that we weren’t up for spending a load of money on a wedding. To this end, I’m trying to make as many things as I can. I’ve started making decorations (I’ll share these soon!) and I’ve also decided to make bridesmaid dresses for my two bridesmaids. I want them both to feel comfortable on the day but they both have vastly different styles, to address this, I said to both of them that I would pick a fabric and they could select whatever pattern they wanted. This means that they’ll both (hopefully) have a dress they like and I can have them in a matching fabric. I really hope this works! Over the next few months, I’ll keep you updated on how I’m progressing with the dresses.

The girls will be wearing this pretty blue bonded lace:

They can be my “something blue” on the day. Plus, this shade is one of my absolute favourites!

My sister chose this modern pattern:

And my best friend chose this vintage pattern (funnily, they both selected Butterick)

I’ve measured up my sister and am about to start her toile. Wish me luck, I’ve never made dresses for such and important occasion before, and certainly not for someone else to wear! Yikes!

My Creative Space

I love our spare room, it doubles as my craft room as is where I can house all my bits and bobs, work away til late and make a mess without getting in anyone’s way. It’s also a space where I can be a bit more girly.


Crochet roses in a 2 litre beer stein I picked up in Munich, a collection of Orla Kiely storage housing a selection of haberdashery, Russian dolls and a pretty picture of wool.

wpid-wp-1418557095341.jpeg 16017665932_43b219abd1_o

Crochet jam jar tea lights and some stuffed owls I made years ago decorate the bedside table. When the lights are lit they give a really warm, cost light to the room.


My sewing machine has a cover made from a vintage curtain I picked up in the Rusty Zip in Belfast on a trip earlier this year. I love that this room has a mix and match policy as far as pattern goes. The curtains were also a Rusty Zip bargain but will soon be changed for some I’m making in Sanderson Dandelion clocks.

15832318219_30677c262b_o 15396102954_5a34aea4e9_o

In her time off from dressmaking, my dummy, Geraldine, gets decorated with some bowties and crochet flower bunting.

I hope you enjoyed your wee trip around my workspace. What kind of place do you work in? How do you make household spaces work for you?