1970s Crochet Bag

I’ve really enjoyed looking at 1970s crochet patterns. Some are hilarious and some are just gorgeous. I really love accessories and more sedate clothing (count me out of head to toe crochet jumpsuits).

I decided to make a crochet bag out of some aran wool I had recently bought. I’m really loving mustard at the moment so I started with that and made myself a granny square bag. I made a lining from a vintage bedspread I bought years ago.

DSCF1939 DSCF1935

I made 3 strands of chain and slip stitch which were plaited together to make the handle. All in all I’m pleased with my new bag, I may even go as far as to add some tassels to the bottom, or make a second bag with those details. Who knows?!




Hello dear readers, I’ve decided to start this blog as a pre-new years resolution to be more proactive about exercising my creative muscles. Recently, I’ve let life get in the way of designing and making projects and I’m really missing it. I’m hoping this blog will hold me to account and will encourage me to be more consistent with what I’m doing.

Here, I’ll showcase the projects I’m working on. Keep you updated on what I’m up to and what’s inspiring me at the moment. You’ll also find links to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. I look forward to hearing from other people and exploring your makes.

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Crochet Rose Rings

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