2015, Here I Come!

Like everybody else, I am starting 2015 by setting some goals. I don’t want to call them resoloutions as I feel it’s a bit more positive to achieve a goal bit by bit, rather than achieving or not a promise you make to yourself. I have always made a mental resolution in the past but usually, I’ve not stuck to them. I feel like actually writing down some goals and sharing them may help to ensure I achieve these goals.

Anyway, here we go for my 2015 goals.

1. Be Nicer to Myself: Like everybody else, I completely over indulged on rich foods and alcohol! I’m feeling completely unhealthy and ready to be kind to myself with some more fruits and veggies, moving a bit more and just replacing prosecco with water! I also want to ensure that I am not just kinder to my body, I also want to be kinder to myself in general. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to being self critical and piling on the stress. I want to try and change this behaviour, seeing the learning elements of mistakes and trying to reduce the stress in my life, by taking on fewer negative projects and replacing them with positive projects that give pleasure, rather than stress!

2. Be More Focussed: I love to start new projects, learn new skills and develop my experiences. However, my attention span can be a little goldfish-y and I have a mountain of unfinished projects. This year I want to really develop a coherent portfolio of completed projects. I also want to improve my non craft skills, using my blog and social media more effectively to share what I’m up to. I want to open and populate my Etsy shop.

3. Be More Frugal: I feel like I can be a bit wasteful. Whether that’s allowing food to go bad in the fridge, buying clothes and shoes I don’t need or being frivolous when I’m shopping, buying lots of cheap things I don’t need. This year I want to focus on buying and making quality, rather than quantity. If I need to buy something, ensuring it is well made and will last me a long time.

4.Do More of What Interests Me: This relates to Goal 1 a bit. I am guilty of agreeing to do things that don’t make me happy in order to keep the peace or make other people feel good. This year I want to be a bit stricter about what I agree to get involved in, if it doesn’t make me happy I want to avoid it. I know this isn’t always possible and obligations are always going to be there but I certainly want to cut down the amount of negative or unproductive things I have to do.

5.Be More Grateful: I’m not an ungrateful person but I want to look more at the positives in life. I want to take a little time each day to write at least one positive thing that happened or I felt that day. Even on the worst days I want to find one good thing to appreciate, no matter how small. I am hoping that in the long run, this will help me to have a more positive outlook on life.
What are your goals for 2015? How do you go about achieving your goals?



5 thoughts on “2015, Here I Come!

  1. These look like some very positive goals for the New Year. I’m working on a few of these myself, especially 1, 4 and 5. Good luck with your resolutions! I’m toying with writing some of my own on my blog, that or a list of things to be thankful for last year (in keeping with your number 5). Happy New Year!


    • Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words!

      I’m hoping my goals will really help me to keep on track this year. I’m only 6 days in but keeping a list of things I’m thankful for each day has been a real help in boosting my mood and keeping me positive. We’ll see how the other goals pan out over the course of the year.

      Best of luck with your New Year plans too!

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    • Yeah, they should really be things I do day to day anyway but for one reason or another, I haven’t been. My hope is that having written them down, my goals will be more at the forefront of my mind and will help inform good decisions.

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