My Creative Space

I love our spare room, it doubles as my craft room as is where I can house all my bits and bobs, work away til late and make a mess without getting in anyone’s way. It’s also a space where I can be a bit more girly.


Crochet roses in a 2 litre beer stein I picked up in Munich, a collection of Orla Kiely storage housing a selection of haberdashery, Russian dolls and a pretty picture of wool.

wpid-wp-1418557095341.jpeg 16017665932_43b219abd1_o

Crochet jam jar tea lights and some stuffed owls I made years ago decorate the bedside table. When the lights are lit they give a really warm, cost light to the room.


My sewing machine has a cover made from a vintage curtain I picked up in the Rusty Zip in Belfast on a trip earlier this year. I love that this room has a mix and match policy as far as pattern goes. The curtains were also a Rusty Zip bargain but will soon be changed for some I’m making in Sanderson Dandelion clocks.

15832318219_30677c262b_o 15396102954_5a34aea4e9_o

In her time off from dressmaking, my dummy, Geraldine, gets decorated with some bowties and crochet flower bunting.

I hope you enjoyed your wee trip around my workspace. What kind of place do you work in? How do you make household spaces work for you?


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